Welcome!   This website is here to provide resources for organisers, callers and dancers involved in ceilidh, contra, English country dance and related social folk dance traditions, who are looking for ways to make their dances more inclusive.

The idea is to offer a few useful resources, ideas or perspectives, which may come in useful to organisers, callers and dancers.  There’s no universal prescription, and we recognise that the needs of each group are different.

This website is intended to accompany the facebook group, Double Progress.  The group is for discussions, while the site is for resources and longer personal perspective pieces.

There are four main areas:

There is also an online shop, where you can buy badges, either individually or in bulk.  We offer the following:

  • What’s your preference?  I dance both roles.
  • Keep it simple.  Ask before you improvise.
  • Fragile

Email: jen@folkdancing.co.uk for more information